Campus Design Guide


Over the past several years Capital Planning and Development has been focusing on creating a means to collectively evaluate, develop, and describe the intentions of the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Campus. This Design Guide is a means to address those issues and is offered as a tool to understand the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus in more detail. The guide is organized into five major sections: the history of the campus, the design mission for the campus, the campus layout, a detailed index of the buildings and landscapes, and a brief introduction to the design review process.  Our ambition is to clearly define what makes UW-Madison’s campus sustainable, functional, and beautiful. The hope is that through these definitions the campus environment will encourage student success and will strengthen connections that will create a stronger sense of place. The Design Guide was created for, but not limited to, designers, stakeholders, and the campus community. 

Campus Design Guide PDF

A downloadable PDF of our Campus Design Guide can be found here.