Design Review Board (DRB)

Focus of the DRB

The DRB's review responsibility is the "civic" mission of a project, not its "private" or functional one. This includes review of the project in the light of the 2005 Campus Master Plan, with emphasis on:

  • The quality of public open space and landscape, architectural form and exterior appearance,
  • The design of primary interior public spaces,
  • The relationship of the building and its public interior spaces to the larger campus context including pedestrian and vehicular circulation patterns and open space systems.

Format of DRB Session

Generally, a DRB session is one and one-half hours in length and consists of four parts. The individual times are approximate, and may vary due to the nature and complexity of the project.

  • First 20 minutes: the design team presents the project to the board.
  • Second 45 minutes: dialogue between the board and the design team.
  • Next 15 minutes: the design team is excused while the board summarizes the previous hour's discussion and agrees on a limited number (three to seven) of key points to communicate to the design team.
  • Final 10 minutes: the design team is invited back into the room, and the DRB communicates its summary points to the design team. The design team has the opportunity to ask for clarification of any of the points, but not to debate the merits of any of the points.

Number and Timing of Reviews

The DRB will review a project three times: during the conceptual phase, schematic design, and design development. Some projects, for various reasons, may necessitate more or less than three reviews.


Members of the DRB

Dan Okoli, University Architect & Chair    (2007-Present)
• M.Arch.-Ohio, M.A. Humanities , B.S. Architecture & Engineering-Birmingham, England
• Former University Architect and Director of Campus Planning & Space Management for Pace University (2001-2005)
• Current Architect for the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Director of Capital Planning and Development

Pete Anderson, Architect    (2007-Present)
• M.Arch.-Penn, B.A.-Virginia
• Former Architect for the University of Virginia (1995-2003)
• Current Architectural Consultant to the Trustees of Ellen Battell Stoeckel Estate

Annette Wilkus, Landscape Architect    (2013-Present)
• M.L.A.–University of Pennsylvania, B.Arch.–UW-Madison, Certificate in Construction Management – NYU
• Samples of work include Teardrop Park and the High Line Sections I and II
• LEED Accredited Professional
• Current Principal of SiteWorks Landscape Architecture

Phil Certain, Emeritus Professor & Emeritus Dean of Letters and Science (2014-Present)
• Author of 50 scientific publications
• Elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science 
• Former Acting Vice Chancellor (1987)
• Current President of the UW-Madison Retirement Association 

Past Members of the DRB

Susan Weiler, Landscape Architect (1983-2011)
• M. Landscape Arch.-Univ. of PA. , B.S Landscape Architecture - UW-Madison
• Oustanding Alumna Award - UW-Madison Department of Landscape Architecture (1999)
• Current Landscape Architect for Olin Partnership (1983-Present)

Peter Schaudt, Landscape Architect    (2011-2013)
• M.L.A.–Harvard, B.Arch.–UIC
• Former Rome Prize Fellow for the American Academy
• Current Partner of Hoerr Schaudt Landscape Architects

Art Hove, Campus Community Representative    (2007-2013)
• M.A. & B.A. English–Wisconsin 
• Former special assistant to the provost and vice chancellor for academic affairs (1989-1996)
• Published author of: The University of Wisconsin: A Pictorial History and  Progressive, Printmakers: Wisconsin Artists and the Print Renaissance, and more


The 3rd Tuesday of every month is reserved for the DRB. Meetings are cancelled if not needed. Typically between 4 and 7 DRB's take place each year.

Meeting Minutes & Presentations


June 8, 2015
April 7, 2015
  • Meeting minutes
January 13, 2015
  • Meeting minutes
  • Babcock Hall Dairy Plant: Final Presentation

August 18, 2014
July 8, 2014


December 17, 2013
September 17, 2013
July 16, 2013
May 6, 2013
April 16, 2013