Education Building 

LEED Platinum Certified      

Back of the Education Building

Project Information                                                                                    

Total Cost: $33.4 Million                                                                             

Area: 108,000 GSF

Project Summary: This project renovated nearly 71,000 GSF in the existing Education building including a 37,000 GSF replacement and a four story addition. This project also included the reconstruction of the rear north facade.


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 Main doors to the Education Building


In June of 2011, The Education Building received LEED Platinum Certification and became an Energy Star rated building. This was the second building on the UW-Madison campus to achieve LEED Certification.  LEED New Construction (version 2.2) was the rating system pursued for this renovation and addition and earned a total of 52 points.

77% of the core and shell of the previous Education Building were reused in the construction of the new building.

 Back of the building at night
 The grand staircase

The grand staircase and casework, including 40 doors from the original structure, were refurbished and restored for the new Education Building.



The Education Building has a green roof which helps reduce the quantity and rate of storm water runoff.

 The roof seating area and green roof

The common area or lobby




The Education Building is the first State-owned Energy Star-rated building in Wisconsin.

Approximately 85% of the new wood content is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood – which means the wood comes from a forest being managed in an environmentally responsible manner.

 A lecture room in the Education Building
 Classroom in the Education Building

During demolition and construction approximately 75% of non-hazardous materials were recycled and salvaged.



Occupant controls for lighting and thermal comfort are located throughout the building so that occupants can control the settings for personal comfort while remaining as energy efficient as possible.

 Office in the Education Building
Planting for the green roof




Potable water consumption was reduced by 99.5% compared to a baseline building through the use of native plants, green roofs & harvesting rain water.

Having green & reflective roofs along with underground parking helps reduce heat island effect by creating surfaces that do not readily absorb heat 


Compared to a baseline building, the Education Building uses 40% less water through many water-reduction strategies and conservation fixtures.

 Bus stopping within a quarter mile of the Education Building



 Over 1500 buses stop each week day withing a quarter mile of the building and 318 bicycle stalls are located within 200 yards of the building providing easy commuter access.

Back of the Education Building at night