Future Projects  

The University of Wisconsin - Madison's future projects can be found below. More information on the future projects can be found in the Quarterly Report.

A list of future projects can be found here: State of Wisconsin - Department of Administration page.

Capital Planning & Development's Identified Future Projects

Sumbitted for the 2013-2015 Capital Budget

These future projects have been identified for the 2015-2017 capital budget.

702 West Johnson Street Acquisition $6.7 

Recreational Sports SERF Replacement $87.5

School of Medicine and Public health WIMR West Wedge Addition $18.1

School of Veterinary Medicine Clinical Skills Laboratory Renovation $1.6

South Campus Utility Improvements $15.5

Enumerated Projects not yet in Planning

These future projects are enumerated, but not yet in planning.

All of the major capital projects enumerated in 2013-2015 are in planning, design, or construction.