Memorial Union Reinvestment - Phase II

Memorial Union

Project Information

Total Cost: $54,585,000

Project Phase: Design

Construction Dates: 04/2015 - 04/2017

Area: 246,179 GSF

Project Summary: The second phase of the Memorial Union Reinvestment project will restore the remainder of the building’s exterior and continue to redevelop it’s interior, improving functionality, life safety, and service functions. Work on the exterior includes repair and replacement of deteriorated roof, window and curtain wall, damaged soffits and fascia, and the main staircase, along with addressing ADA issues and needed Terrace improvements. A new underground loading dock is planned for this location to facilitate service to central campus buildings, clearing the surface for the construction of Alumni Park. The Alumni Park includes extensive landscaped gardens, open lawns, gathering spaces, interactive exhibits ,and point of visual interest in celebration of the many signification contributions UW –Madison Alums have made to the world. 


This project is currently tracking LEED Silver certification. Details about this are given below. 

Bus near Memorial Union 

There are ten bus stops within a quarter mile of the building and bike racks placed outside to encourage green transportation. These are representative of efforts towards a sustainable site.

The new theater wing will demonstrate water efficiency by eliminating all site irrigation and projected water use is to be 30% less than comparable baseline buildings.

 Picture showing water efficiency
 Memorial Union

In the category of energy and atmosphere, the new theater wing has been predicted to perform 20% better than ASHRAE 90.1-2007 rating methodology.

This project will satisfy credits for materials and resources by diverting at least 75% of the construction waste from the landfill to be recycled. 50% of the wood used in the project is Forestry Stewardship Council certified and 20% of the materials to be used are manufactured and assembled within 500 miles of the project.

 Demolition and construction of the new theater wing
 picture of the old theater wing

To enhance indoor environmental quality, a building flush out will be facilitated to remove pollutant emissions from the building materials, furnishings and finishes. Additionally, low-emitting paints, sealants, adhesives, carpets and furnishings will be used inside the building. Smoking will not be permitted outside the building and occupants will provide input on their satisfaction through post-occupancy evaluations to pinpoint any issues.

Innovation in design credits will be pursued by implementing a green cleaning program. This will be effective in eliminating the use of toxic chemicals in cleaning the building.


Rendering of the Memorial Union Theater Wing Renovation