Student Athlete Performance Center

LEED Silver Certified 

Student Athlete Performance Center

Project Information

Total Cost: $86,165,000

Area: 146,154 GSF

Project Summary: This 146,154 GSF/121,795 ASF project is provided in three phases separated by two football seasons, consists of preplanning for the Athletic Performance Center for football locker rooms, sports medicine and strength and conditioning. This $86,165,000 project included a remodel of the 2nd floor East stadium, the lower level of the McClain Center, an expansion of the Fetzer Center, and a tunnel connection to Camp Randall Stadium. The Performance Center Plaza portion of the Badger Way Landscape upgrades will included an exterior plaza with paving and landscaping along Badger Way Path from Breese Terrace to the Camp Randall Arch as well as completion of the Engineering Mall. Phase I construction began December 2011 and was substantially complete in October 2012. Phase II construction began June 2012 and was substantially complete in December 2012. Phase III construction began November 2012 and was substantially complete in December 2013. The McClain Center achieved LEED certification through Commercial Interiors (CI) and the Camp Randall North Addition is seeking certification through LEED New Construction (NC). 


There are two separate LEED projects seeking certification within the Student Athlete Performance Center. The Camp Randall North Addition (Phase III) achieved LEED New Construction, and the McClain Center (Phase II) achieved LEED Commercial Interiors for the remodeling work. Both the Camp Randall North Addition (Phase III) and the McClain Center achieved LEED Silver certification. Details about this are given below. 


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The stone was extracted in Fond du Lac, WI and then processed & manufactured in Chilton, WI.

Over 20% of the materials used in the McClain remodeling were from local sources which helps reduce the amount of fossil fuels required to transport materials. The stone show in the picture to the left was extracted in Fond du Lac, WI and then processed & manufactured in Chilton, WI.


Both facilities are within a quarter mile of 11 bus stops, alternative transportation.

aerial view of buildings near Camp Randall and the McClain Center
 The weight room in the McClain Center

Over 575,000 kWh of wind power, a renewable energy source, will be purchased and used in the operations of the McClain Lower Level each year.       


Low-VOC and zero-VOC materials were used throughout the remodeling of the McClain Center.

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