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UW-Madison is committed to renovating and constructing buildings that aid in the success of its students and staff, and are sustainable for the years to come. In order to benchmark these practices, campus is pursuing a minimum of LEED Silver certification on most of its new and renovated facilities. In LEED certification, an effort is made to pursue points which have a strong return on investment. This initiative along with others, will gradually transform UW-Madison's campus to meet the needs of development today, without compromising the needs of future generations.

Projects on the UW-Madison campus that do not seek LEED certification are still highly sustainable. Even without LEED, we stick to our commitment of "Building Green."

          LEED Certified Projects

         UW Medical Foundation Centennial Building
LEED Gold Certified 

  Education Building
LEED Platinum Certified 

  Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery 
LEED Gold Certified

  Union South
LEED Gold Certified

  Nancy Nicholas Hall
LEED Gold Certified
   Student Athlete Performance Center
Student Athlete Performance Center - McClain Center
LEED Silver Certified
    LaBahn Arena
LEED Silver Certified
    Wisconsin Energy Institute
LEED Gold Certified

   Leopold Residence Hall
Lakeshore Residence Hall Phase II
LEED Gold Certified

   School of Nursing
Signe Skott Cooper Hall
LEED Silver Certified
   Student Athlete Performance Center Student Athlete Performance Center - Camp Randall North Addition
LEED Silver Certified


          Currently Tracking LEED Certification

Charter Street Heating Plant Upgrades
Tracking LEED Gold Certification 
   Memorial Union
Memorial Union Reinvestment Phases I 
Tracking LEED Silver Certification

School of Music

Tracking LEED Silver Certification


Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research Building

Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research Phase II
Tracking LEED Silver Certification

Sustainable Achievements

2012 Innovation in Green Building Award  

Ranked 8th on EPA’s Top 20 Universities for Green Power October, 2012


Office of Sustainability

The Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

Lakeshore Nature Preserve


What is LEED Certification? 

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification is operated by the United States Green Building Council (USBGC) and provides third-party verification of green buildings. To learn more about LEED certification visit the USGBC's LEED information page.