UW Medical Faculty Centennial Building
LEED Gold Certified UW Medical Foundation Building

                                         UW Medical Foundation Centennial Building

Project Information

Total Cost: $41.8 Million

Area: 130,000 GSF

Project Summary: This design/build project constructed a 130,000 GSF west of the UW Hospital. The project was built by the UW Medical Foundation and was gifted to the University upon completion. The building is seven stories tall and is  connected to the hospital via a second story bridge.


LEED Certification Plaque

LEED Gold certification was achieved in 2011, by the U.S. Green Building Council. UWMFCB was the first on campus to achieve LEED certification with a total of 42 credits in LEED version 2.2. Due to its success, other campus projects are incorporating sustainable features and pursuing certification.


Daylight sensors and design, have reduced lighting electricity by 80% in the building. Daylight sensors measure the amount of natural light a space receives. If natural light levels are high, they automatically turn off the electric lights.

 Office space in the building
 Aerial view of the building

Nearly 50% of the project's area uses heat reduction strategies such as reflective paving, reflective roof materials or a greenroof to lower heat absorption, creating a naturally cooler building in the summer months.


Stormwater management strategies detain stormwater on site using bioswales and a rain garden before release to a campus-wide stormwater retention system.

Plants around the building

 Plants around the building

Black-eyed Susans are a native wildflower, which demonstrate the project's commitment to zero irrigation. Open expanses of the site have been restored with native wildflower plants selected to work with native soil conditions as well as in certain areas be able to accommodate an influx of stormwater.

The building is located within a quarter mile from four bus stops; 88 bicycle racks and has showers on site for commuters.

Exemplary Performance was achieved in available buses in the vicinity of the project.

 Bicycle parking
 An office located in the building

Low-emitting paints, sealants, adhesives, carpets and furnishings were used in this building to protect indoor air quality. Additionally all of the workstations have lighting controls.

Sign showing the amount of materials that were recycled during construction

87.4% of the construction waste (or 1,787 tons) was diverted from the landfill.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood, makes up 57% of all wood products used in the building. FSC certified wood products are responsibly harvested from verified sources which promotes well-managed forestry practices.

Staircase within the building

 The UW Medical Foundation Centennial Building at night