Technical Guidelines Division 03.


***Note: This section applies to building/structural concrete.  All exterior cast-in-place concrete sidewalks and pavement can be found in Section 32-13-00.  See Section 32 for more information on site design and plan preparation.

03 20 00.  Concrete Reinforcing

  1. All reinforcement for utility vaults, tunnels and conduits underlying pavement prone to salt applications in winter, shall be epoxy coated.
  2. Reinforcing not permitted in nose of cast-in-place concrete stairs.

03 30 00.  Cast-In-Place Concrete

  1. It is intended that DFD Standard Specification Division 03-30-00 provide specifications for concrete materials and installation. Division 32-13-00 is intended to provide specifications for exterior cast-in-place concrete sidewalks, curb & gutter, and pavement.
  2. The DFD Standard Specification Division 03-30-00 states “Requirements of this section do not apply to structural concrete for buildings, bridges or retaining structures.” The designers shall edit the specification manual appropriately to provide all concrete specifications needed for the project.
03 30 90.  Cast-In-Place Concrete for Utilities

This is a DFD Standard Specification although it may not be available on their website. Use this specification section for all applicable utility concrete work.  It can be obtained from FP&M.

03 38 00.  Post-Tensioned Structural Concrete (PTC)

  1. Post-Tensioned Concrete is not a desired method of construction for slabs above grade due to reduced flexibility for the future.
  2. Post-Tensioned Concrete is acceptable for above grade beams and spandrels.