Technical Guidelines Division 04.


04 05 00.  Common Work Results for Masonry

04 05 05.  General Requirements for Masonry

  1. The campus does not permit the use of shelf relief angles to support exterior masonry on a building with less than 4 or 5 stories.
  2. Water-resistant sealer shall not be used on the face of brick or stone. Use of water-resistant sealer on the face of any concrete shall be approved by UW Civil Engineer.
  3. Weep holes in brick shall be fitted with louvered inserts with fine stainless mesh to prevent insects from entering and infesting the building interior.
  4. A complete recycling plan is required for stone and brick on demolition projects. The contractor shall provide the means and methods for storing the stone and brick for the campus, within the project limits or off campus and shall verify with the UW Grounds Department where the stone or brick will be stored.
  5. Concrete Masonry Units with water-resistant filler is recommended to be used on animal areas. Gypsum Wall Board is not recommended.
  6. Brick and CMU walls shall not extend below grade or below the surface of the adjacent pavements and sidewalks. At least 2 inches of the foundation shall be exposed above the level of the grade / pavement / sidewalk.
  7. In the construction documents, provide details of the mock up and show its location on the site plan. Also, describe if the mock up is to be for constructability, or aesthetics, or materials or all the above or if the contractor can just provide samples of materials.