Technical Guidelines Division 06.

Wood, Plastics and Composites

06 00 00.  Wood, Plastics and Composites

06 05 00.  Common Work Results for Wood, Plastics and Composites

06 05 05.  General Requirements for Wood Plastics and Composites
  1. All cabinetry shall be lined with plastic laminate or melamine.
  2. All countertops in kitchens, restrooms and other wet areas shall be made of solid surface material. Plastic laminate countertops are only acceptable in dry areas.
  3. All restroom countertops shall be well-supported to withstand the weight of someone sitting on them.
  4. All window sill stools shall be stone, solid surface, or other material to resist moisture. Plastic laminate is not acceptable.
  5. Plastic laminate is not generally acceptable for the edges of open storage shelves and cubbies, but can be determined by the occupants of the building and is dependent upon the expected level of use. PVC edging is preferred for areas that receive excessive wear.