Capital Planning

Construction Authority

Campus Capital projects are executed under separate authorities based on funding source. Projects funded with any portion of state funding (bonding or cash) are executed under State Building Commission (SBC) authority. Projects funded entirely with non-state funding (Gifts and Grants) are executed under the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents (BOR) authority.


Major Capital Projects can be enumerated with state funds through General Purpose Revenue (GPR) which includes General Fund Supported Borrowing (GFSB) and cash, and through Program Revenue (PR) which includes Program Revenue Supported Borrowing (PRSB) and cash.

UW-Managed Gift and Grant Funded Projects

With the passage of Wisconsin Act 55 in 2015, the Board of Regents was granted authority to deliver design and construct 100 percent gift- and grant-funded projects.

Approval Process

A flow chart of the approval process from UW-Madison all the the way to the top of the State of Wisconsin.
The start of the approval process begins at the lowest level of UW-Madison, which takes approximately 14 months. The approval process then goes to UW-System, which takes approximately 6 months. The final approval process works it’s way through the State of Wisconsin, which could take over 10 months to approve.

Board of Regents

The UW Board of Regents meet eight times per year to review and approve UW-Madison Capital Projects. More information, schedule of meetings and agendas.

State Building Commission

The State of Wisconsin Building Commission oversees the planning, improvement, major maintenance and renovation of state facilities. More information, schedule of meetings and agendas.

Current design and construction opportunities for consulting architects and engineers interested in doing business with the UW-Madison:

Campus Boards and Committees

Campus Planning Committee

The Campus Planning Committee (CPC) is charged with advising the Chancellor and Provost about the issues affecting the physical facilities of campus, including long-range development plans, building and major remodeling priorities, site selection, circulation, land use, and related planning matters. More…

Capital Building Program

By state statute, campus is required to prepare a six-year facilities plan that is delineated in the Six-Year Physical Development Plan. The plan contains background information about campus as well as information on strategic goals and physical facilities, including current age and condition of facilities and plans for future upgrades and replacements. More…